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Chief Executive Statement

Alex Iwuoha

Alex Iwuoha

After 20 years senior management experience at various organisations, including Chief Executive of MIND in Haringey, Director of WTE (Work, Training & Employment) at Peter Bedford Housing Association, Operations Director at Adepta, and after serving in the capacity of a Director at other community organisations, where Alex has helped people to realise and fully deploy their potentials, he decided to focus on his passion for publishing. Hence, Treasure Publishing Ltd was founded with the initial aim of publishing Social Care Magazine for service users and service providers in the health and community care sector.

In 2006, he wrote a book titled Make It Happen, after writing more than 400 articles in a weekly bulletin over ten consecutive years.

Make It Happen will motivate you to ignore people who say it’s too late to start over. It will challenge you to disregard those who say you’ll never amount to anything. It will encourage you to turn a deaf ear to those who say you aren’t smart enough, fast enough, tall enough, or big enough to make great things happen in your life.

Alex says: “It is better to try and fail, than to fail to try. He explained that “an ounce of action is worth a tonne of theory.” ¬†Alex believes nothing just happens… “In order to steer your ship to your destination you may have to sail with the wind, and sometimes against the wind. It takes tenacity and the willingness to succeed in spite of all odds. It takes determination and hard work. It takes careful planning and implementation.” He said, to make great things happen.